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Having the ability to control your building's HVAC & Lighting is not just a luxury any's a necessity.  Any money saved in energy consumption goes right to the bottom line.  So what if you could not only control when your building systems operate, but have the ability to watch in "real-time" the energy consumption and savings on any web browser?  

With our EKVERIFICATION powered by IBIS (Intelligiant Building Integration Software) solution you won't have to wait on the utility bill to determine results. EKVERIFICATION offers real-time Energy Dashboards, Energy Trending, Live M&V, Continuous Commissioning, Smart Floor Technology, Weather Monitoring,  Green Awareness, Renewable Energy Monitoring and much more. 


For a demonstration, go to our LOGIN page (password required).  If you do not have a password, please email and request a temporary LOGIN password.  With the same password, you will have access to our  EKVERIFICATION Brochure.


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