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What Makes Us Different?

Central in 

"We are systems engineers.  Our knowledge and experience with all aspects of mechanical systems is what sets us a part.  We understand operation of a chiller,  pump, cooling tower, air handler, roof top, outside air, pressurization, ventilation, VAV, individual control, energy managment, energy conservation, peak demand, smart building technologies...AND how it all works in perfect harmony together."


We Make Buildings Work. 




Using the latest smart technology,

E|K Automation enables you to:


Control your building systems from anywhere.


E|K Automation transforms facility management by putting all your system controls at your fingertips. Because you can interact with all of your buildings’ systems remotely, you’ll receive unprecedented visibility, not only into system efficiency, but also in how the systems can affect each other.


Achieve new energy savings.


We can customize automation schedules to the specific energy usage needs of your facility, based on the occupancy of a given day or hour. Lighting and temperature can be adjusted to prevent you from wasting energy in areas of the building where no workers are present.


Receive peace of mind.


From anywhere around the globe, you can receive, via your preferred PDA – smart device, instant updates of building status changes – such as blackouts or security alarms – allowing you to respond as needed.

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